Music and Sound

kids karaokeKaraoke machines for kids have an exclusive design with a unique interface that allows children to listen and sing along to their favorite lyrics. We have some features that you will find on these machines, but they are missing for adult equipment.

Top karaoke machine for children improves both the language and musical skills for kids. The children can easily operate these devices without the assistance of adults and the devices can’t be easily damaged if they fall against a hard surface.

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Cha-Cha-danceThe Cuban cha cha dance is one of the most versatile styles of dancing today. The dance first became popular in 1954 and it was developed from the Mambo and it has since become a very popular social dance amongst different age groups worldwide.

Similar to most Latin dances, the Cha Cha is danced with the feet close to the floor (known as toe steps) and the dancers hips are loose and relaxed, allowing the body to follow the foot moves. If you want to learn to dance the Cha Cha correctly, then it is of crucial importance that you … Continue Reading

Music and Sound

Wireless headphones are a must have item for anyone who spends large amounts of time in the gym, or on the move. It can be highly irritating when the chord of your headphones gets tangled in your hair or jewelry and connecting your headphones to your music device wirelessly makes for less hassle when it comes to listening to your favorite tunes. With wireless headphones, you don’t have to carry your phone around in your hand or pocket, you can just dump it in your bag or suitcase, hit shuffle and enjoy!

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Music and Sound

If you can learn how to breathe correctly, then you will be able to substantially improve your singing technique. A large part of being able to sing well comes from mastering proper breathing techniques, which allow you to project and control your voice better as well as protecting your vocal chords during long performances.

There are several excellent learning resources available online for free, such as this tutorial videosfeaturing the best breathing techniques, which allow you to practice while you watch. Here is a small selection of the most effective breathing techniques for singing.

Slowly But Surely

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