Disco Dance

DiscoSince Disco dancing became popular, the steps have evolved from being basic improvised moves adopted by the masses on a dance floor, to extremely competitive performances that are judged for world titles. If we look at the basic roots of Disco dancing, it is a very easy to learn and extremely social dance. Everyone can learn to dance Disco, all it takes is some basic knowledge and rhythm.

Now let’s try to have fun and learn few steps, shall we? Here we go ….

The Retro Hustle

The Retro Hustle is probably the most iconic Disco dance move that you need to master and it is performed over an eight beat count. This means you can dance it along to pretty much any disco song that you encounter. The basic formula is as follows:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes slightly turned out, or in second position (if you are thinking of the position in Ballet terms.)
  • Move your body weight onto your right foot and then cross your left foot over, whilst making your toe touch the floor with a light tap. Whilst doing this, allow your right arm to swing across your body naturally, in the opposite direction to the left foot.
  • Now its time to return your left foot back to a parallel position and swing your right arm gently back down.
  • Move your whole body weight onto the left foot and now repeat this movement with the right foot. Don’t spend too much time thinking about your arms- just allow them to flow with the rest of your body in a natural way.
  • Now return your right foot to the parallel position and let it support some of your body weight.
  • Repeat to your hearts content!

When you are practicing this move, make sure you allow your arms to swing as naturally as possible when you first start out. You can also throw in a slight dip of your shoulder in time with the music for extra effect.  The whole point of Disco dancing is to let loose, have fun and go with the flow- so as long as you move as naturally as possible, you don’t have to worry about having an absolutely perfect technique. Watch this video to see the Retro Hustle being performed live!

More Disco Moves

There are a ton of other moves that fall under the Disco dancing umbrella. Several of them are stand alone moves, meaning you can freestyle a little and do whichever one comes to mind when you hit the dance floor.

The Back Catch

Before you attempt this move, it is super important to make sure you are properly stretched and warmed up, otherwise you might not have the sufficient flexibility that is required and you could end up hurting yourself. Start by standing tall on your right leg and then kick your left leg backwards and up. At the same time, stretch your arms up above your head as if you are trying to grab your foot when it is behind you.

The Bump

Move your body to the beat of the music and enjoy this loose dance move. It basically consists of bumping against your partner’s hips on each alternate beat of the music. People usually perform the bump whilst standing side by side on the dance floor.