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How to Project your Voice While Singing

protect-voice-singingI have come across several singers who struggle with the aspect of voice projection. All of them want to learn how they can sing with a loud, strong, and powerful voice.

Establishing excellent breathing techniques is not enough to make you achieve this goal.

There is so much you can learn about singing and voice projection if you click here. However, this article presents some of the tips that you need to know if you have to project your singing voice.

Make Sure your Lift your Soft Palate

It is essential to raise your soft palate because it provides the required space at the back of your throat to allow you to produce more sound. You may come across some singers who are putting in so much effort, but you cannot see a reflection of the same in their voice.

The main reason is that such singers don’t provide enough space at the back of their throat. They end up limiting the volume of their singing voice by keeping the level of the soft palate down.

Maintain the Tongue in a Relaxed Position

Many singers view this concept as the positive side effect of raising the soft palate. Tensing your tongue will overwork the throat, and this ends up diminishing and tightening your voice. There are some exercises that you can do if you want to achieve this objective.

First, you can begin speaking as if you have a heavy and fat tongue. Just talk as if there is someone who has numbed the tongue.

You can do that by reading this paragraph in a loud voice. You can also sing some lyrics in the same manner by holding onto your tongue.

Your voice will begin to free itself as you continue with the practice. You can find a very nice video on video projection:

Keep your Vowel Forward

One advantage of keeping the vowels bright as you sing is that it makes your voice feel as if it is floating. You can learn to float your voice by practicing lip trills in a descending or ascending order.

Lip trills enable your sound to get an ideal placement since you pay less attention to your voice as you focus on keeping the trills on the move. This approach relaxes the throat as you concentrate on the lips and not your throat.

This technique will allow you to project your voice without using any effort.

Don’t swallow your Consonants but Rather Sing through Them

You need to keep your consonants at the tip of the tongue, easy to sing through and light. For example, if you are singing the syllable “da” you should not keep all teeth touching and close your entire jaw as you produce the sound /d/.

It may make it very hard for the back of your throat to stay in a good position as you sing.  Instead, you need to keep the tip of your tongue behind your top teeth. In this manner, you will find out that you can easily sing out the /a/ regardless of the pitch.

The best way to sing with a powerful voice is practicing the right vocal techniques. You can emerge as the best singer once you start putting less effort on the throat.