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Top Karaoke Players for Kids

kids karaokeKaraoke machines for kids have an exclusive design with a unique interface that allows children to listen and sing along to their favorite lyrics. We have some features that you will find on these machines, but they are missing for adult equipment.

Top karaoke machine for children improves both the language and musical skills for kids. The children can easily operate these devices without the assistance of adults and the devices can’t be easily damaged if they fall against a hard surface.

These karaoke machines come in various colors and designs to suit the requirements of young aspiring artists. Here is a review of top karaoke machines that have a special design for kids.

SML 383

One of the greatest karaoke machines for kids is the SML-383. This model is a portable karaoke machine that you can easily connect to an audio player or TV.  The machine has amazing disco lights that allow kids to enjoy vibrant flashes during the performance.

This singing equipment is very simple to operate and has very few front-end buttons hence enhancing its convenience while in use. It operates under the CDG system that allows basic reading and display of the lyrics.

Other built-in features include microphone jack for volume and echo control, built-in speakers, MMC/SD MP3 playback memory card, and a sampler disk. These features make it be a very appropriate karaoke machine for children.

The Disney Handheld DKS700-P

This playing device has an excellent pitch feature that allows you to modify the tone of your voice for you to remain on-key. It also has a preset option that allows the user attain patented sound effects of favorite Disney performers. The machine comes with twenty preloaded songs from different Disney movies.

The device runs on triple A batteries, and you can connect it to a television or speaker if you wish to assess your overall performance. The design of this singing equipment fits young girls very well.

Fisher Price Kid Tough-Player

This device is another karaoke machine that serves children very well. This singing equipment is compatible with all digital devices such as the DRM-free files you can access through the i-Tunes store, WMA, and the MP3. These features make it be the best karaoke machine for pre-scholars.

The device has a headphone jack, 1×2 inch LCD screen, microphone which makes it user-friendly. The display can assist the kids to search for their favorite songs with a lot of ease.  This singing device has a memory card that can store songs for over four hours.

Hello Kitty Super CDG Karaoke

This karaoke machine has two built-in speakers that have high-quality sound effects. It also has a video camera that you can use to record your performances. The singing machine has a programmable memory to assist in easy customization as per the requirements of the singing or recording. It is another karaoke machine that has a great design for kids.


There is a broad range of karaoke machines for kids. However, you need to consider the overall capabilities, safeness, ease of use, performance, quality, and price among other features before making a purchase. You need to do a thorough search before making a decision.